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Parent Notifications

PCSD25 Memo to Parents Regarding School Closure/Inclement Weather

November 10, 2022

Dear PCSD 25 families and staff:

Now that the snow is flying again, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind PCSD 25 staff, learners and families to remain prepared for winter conditions over the next several weeks. This is a good time to remind young drivers about taking extra precautions, slowing down and allowing for more travel time between destinations.

District administration and the PCSD 25 transportation department work hand-in-hand with the City of Pocatello, City of Chubbuck, and Bannock County road departments to evaluate current road and weather conditions. When it comes to making the decision to maintain the regular schedule or cancel school, the safety of our learners and staff is our primary concern.

As we see each year, Idaho’s winter weather patterns can vary greatly, with local weather conditions often changing by area and by day – and sometimes even hour-by-hour. Our first buses depart on their routes as early as 6:10 a.m. Once the call has been made to maintain the regular schedule, we have determined it is generally in the best interest of safety to not reverse that decision. Whenever possible, we believe it is of utmost importance for our learners to be in school learning.

The safety of our school communities is our highest priority. Opinions regarding school closure will vary, but please know that we carefully weigh a variety of factors in our decision-making process. We respect that our district's families reserve the right to use their own best judgment when it comes to decisions regarding the personal safety of their learners. Please take the time to review PCSD 25's emergency closure policy for inclement weather and make sure you are signed up for notifications through Infinite Campus. For your convenience, we make every attempt to send school closure notifications through Infinite Campus and post messages to social media as expeditiously as possible. If you are signed up for IC messages and do not receive a message about a school closure or see a message posted to social media prior to the school start time, it is safe to assume all schools are in session that day. 


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PCSD25 Memo to Parents Regarding Weapons in School

October 3, 2022

Dear PCSD 25 families:

The importance of school safety is a long-standing priority for the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25. We encourage parents/guardians to have a conversation with your child(ren) to stress the importance of leaving objects at home that are prohibited for individuals to have in their possession at school. We understand that we live in Idaho and this is the time of year many families camp, hunt, attend the county fair, work the seasonal harvest, and objects may be brought to school inadvertently. Whether the object is a prize won at the fair, a new toy, a family heirloom, or a tool used on the job for after school employment or chores, any object defined as a weapon by Board policy are prohibited on school grounds and must be left at home. Examples of these items include (but are not limited to):

  • Lookalike weapons of any type
  • Knives of any type
  • Trainer knives (rounded tip)
  • Brass knuckles
  • Airsoft guns
  • Toy water guns
  • Bullets or any ammunition
  • Nerf guns

Students who bring these types of objects to school may face disciplinary action. Please note: This same information was communicated to students in school today through daily announcements and TA. Please review the Board policy regarding weapons on campus: 

8502/7312 - Prohibition of Weapons


Idaho Code § 18-3302D - Possessing Weapons or Firearms on School Property

Idaho Code § 18-3302I - Threatening Violence Upon School Grounds - Firearms and Other Deadly or Dangerous Weapons



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What is the best way to monitor my child’s progress during the school year?

  • Parent engagement has a direct correlation to student success. Parents can log into the Campus Parent Portal and stay engaged with information at-your-fingertips throughout the school year. Parent favorites include:
    • Access to student grades 
    • Review attendance and absences 
    • Monitor assignments due or upcoming exams 
    • Notifications for School/District Announcements 
    • Lunchroom information 
  • To download the Campus Parent Portal app on your mobile phone. Visit the App or Play Store on your mobile device and search for “campus parent portal.” If you need login information, please contact the Help Desk: (208) 235-3219.